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The Healing Power of Words

This month, I'm sharing a guest blog from Barbara Altman

She posted my blog on her website also. You can read it at

The Healing Power of Words:

  • Transform your life with the healing power of words.
  • Change your thinking with the healing power of words.
  • Motivate others with the healing power of words.

I was eight years old when I scampered up the steps on Sylvester and Plant in Webster Groves, Missouri. Holding my sweet mother’s hand, I wondered what Mrs. Hans J. Lemke would be like. Would she slap my hand with a ruler? Would she encourage me? Would she inspire a love for the piano in me?

One look at her grandmotherly face and I relaxed into a comfort zone. The three of us ambled on back to a tiny room containing two chairs, a sturdy spinet piano, and a small window behind the piano.  Mrs. Lemke set “Teaching Little Fingers to Play” on the piano. Opening up to the first page, she taught me how to play the first song. I was a bit nervous. What if I couldn’t do this? What if I felt scared?  What if I didn’t like playing the piano?

I set about learning the first song. My teacher turned to my mother and said “She has talent. She doesn’t stumble around like most of them do.”  Sixty one years later, after pursuing a performing arts degree at Fontbonne University; having studied with Jules Gentile from Paris, France; and after maintaining a music studio in my home, I still remember those words and their transforming power.

 I came from an alcoholic abusive home. Those twelve words saved me. They gave me purpose. They gave me a means of making a living. And they gave me a place in the community.

The Bible says our tongues are like rudders on a ship. They can forge our destinies, build our lives, and provide life supporting messages .They can also destroy us, ruin our futures, and eradicate support.

Your life can be changed with the power of words. What is your self- talk? Do you tell yourself that you are talented and strong? Do you give yourself positive affirmations? Do the words of the Bible echo in your mind?

Use words wisely; use them knowingly; and use them to build and encourage. Speak them intelligently; speak them empathically; and speak them lovingly. One never knows how the healing power of words can shape lives, create purpose, and provide strength when strength is needed.

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