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Please Celebrate with Me

I’m going to pour out my heart in this blog post and ask you to celebrate with me.

Years ago, tears wet my pillow as I thought about how someone I love had been stabbed by sharp words. I thought about how excited God must have been when HE created humans and gave them the fantastic gift of communication. And I thought about how many times this beautiful gift with so much powerful, positive potential is misused. It must break God’s heart.

Then I began to think of the powerful, positive possibilities the gift of communication offers. This began my obsession with words. For more than three years I wrote, prayed, rewrote, prayed, and rewrote repeatedly. Finally, 12 Ways to Make Your Words Count is finished. Here are the 12 ways: Establish a healthy environment, Enrich relationships, Express godly character, Enlarge your world view, Emulate the Living Word, Esteem lasting values, Engage your audience, Exchange negative for positive, Elicit God’s power, Extend grace, Equip Followers, and Encourage faith.

This book belongs to God. Yes, I’m letting people know it’s available, but I believe HE will touch hearts and put it in the hands of those HE wants to read it. This book chronicles some of my personal struggles and some of the things God has been teaching me. I have been amazed at the hidden treasures HE has revealed to me—things I’ve never heard anyone else talk about.

Communication is crucial in all of our lives. This book will help readers discover why we say what we say and make us aware of better word choices.

If you are reading this blog, please ask God if HE wants you to buy this book. It is available on my website in print form, on in Kindle format, and on in Epub format (ipad, Nook, Kobe, etc.) and as a PDF (computer). If you read the book, would you please leave a review on amazon and/or smashwords?

A wonderful ministry has chosen 12 Ways to Make Your Words Count as a prize for two April contests. Faithenroute says, “Beginning April 2nd and 16th at 8:30 am Eastern and 7:30 am Central time visit for a chance to win an autograph copy of this masterpiece.”

Here are a few excerpts from readers’ comments:

“In explaining the power of words, Arlene writes her book with wit, insight, and surprise.” 

Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, Author of The Power of Productivity and many other books. English professor at Taylor University.

“Insightful, relevant, at times humorous. This is a powerful and unforgettable read!” 

Lynn Doil, Toastmaster, Retired Teacher, Attorney

“Often we’re unaware of the power our words carry. Knickerbocker’s insights can bring about ‘aha’ moments for couples.” Tammy Bovee, Author, Singer, Songwriter, Speaker

“Based on biblical principles, Arlene wonderfully illustrates the powerful use of our words to bless our families, and how this positively impacts our relationships with them—and ultimately their future.” Roxanne Wing, M.B.A., Author of Lead Your Child to Success.

“Much wisdom comes forth here in a succinct and logical flow. Get ready to improve your communication skills!” Rev. Randy Williams, Area Director Blue Water Coalition for Men’s Discipleship

“God has said some day every one of us will give account to Him for everything we’ve said. That truth should fill us with an unquenchable desire to always speak the best words. This book explains how to learn and use those words.” Geni White, Independent Book Reviewer 

12 Ways to Make Your Words Count by Arlene Knickerbocker is a page turner and a heart changer.” Renetta C. Gunn-Stevens, CEO/Faith En Route LLC

"I appreciate the depth of 12 Ways to Make Your Words Count. It offers the tools we need to establish healthy, loving relationships... I also appreciate the simplicity. The writer has a gift for conveying rich and weighty concepts in ways that are simple to understand... Her frequent use of stories and her transparent self-sharing serve not only to inform, but also to inspire application." Dr. Kevin Knickerbocker, Director Christian Professional Counseling Services

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