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The Third Dimension of Words

Want to add a third dimension to your words?

 1-      Choose the best words.

Though the words we choose are important, most people are only aware of this dimension of communication--what we say.

 2-      Consider the response of others. 

When we listen to the response of others, it helps us understand their points of view and makes communication more meaningful.

Every time we converse with another person, we are building a relationship of some sort. When we think about what type of relationship our conversation is building, it adds a third dimension to our communication. It helps us make wiser choices in what we say and how we say it. It also helps us become better listeners. 

Communication is all about relationships.

The Trinity is the perfect example of a perfect relationship. Can we even imagine the love between Father, Son, and Spirit? Awe overwhelms me when I think about their relationship and their invitation for us to join in it.

The Bible says Elohim created the world. The Hebrew word Elohim is a plural proper noun (indicating more than one) that requires a singular verb (acting as one). Everything made by the Triune God requires a reciprocal relationship to exist and function. The atom is proton, neutron, and electron. Molecules contain positive and negative ions. Created beings live, grow, and reproduce through interdependent relationships. Even sentences need a subject and predicate to become complete.

The Triune God created us to live dependent on Him and interdependent with one another. Pastor and author Juan Ortiz wrote about being “mashed potato” Christians. We grow individually, but then we must have any bad parts removed. We must be put in hot water together and mashed until we no longer see ourselves as separate from one another. As physical mashed potatoes nourish hungry bellies, interdependent believers combine their efforts to nourish hungry souls. In conclusion to this illustration, Pastor Ortiz said, “Jesus is hungry for mashed potatoes.”

How can adding this third dimnsion change our conversations? I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

This blog post comes from thoughts in chapter two of my new book, 12 Ways to Make Your Words Count. It should be available for purchase next month. Let me know if you want to preorder it.
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