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This year, I plan to blog thoughts from my upcoming book, which I hope comes into print about March. My book's title is "12 Ways to Make Your Words Count," so a monthly blog will work out well. This blog shares some challenges from the first chapter "Creative Words: Establish a Healthy Environment."

Our awesome God created an awe-inspiring setting through the words He spoke. Then He created humans with the ability to speak into being an emotional environment where everyone involved feels safe and loved. We can do this because God created us in His image with power to communicate.

Once He created Adam and Eve, God blessed them. God continues to bless us with His words, and He wants us to share those blessings.

How many of us have moved far from God’s original plan of blessing?

What would happen if husbands and wives spoke blessings to each other regularly? I imagine the amazing atmosphere in such a home would transform everyone involved. Children would grow up learning to affirm others. Each family member would leave for work or school with blessings echoing in their ears and spilling from their lips.

What would happen if schools and work places filled with people speaking affirming and encouraging words? What if we heard commendations instead of complaints when we shopped at a grocery store or went to a movie?

I used to take speaking for granted; but I’m beginning to appreciate what a privilege it is to communicate, and especially to speak in a way that blesses my Creator. If even for the month of January, every person who reads this blog only speaks words that bless, how will it change our Facebook walls---our lives--our world?
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