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Hope we can Hold (2)

My earliest memory is about words. When my dad opened the kitchen door, I greeted him with, “Well, son of a b____” from my high chair.

My mother shrilled, “Cecil, I told you to be careful of what you say in front of her.”

Dad laughed. “What about your mouth? You call me that so often, she probably thinks it’s my name.” He strode into the living room, and soon I smelled his pipe. I sat quietly for a long time, digesting the reaction to my words along with my Cheerios®.

Our heavenly Father created an awe-inspiring setting for His children through the Words He spoke. He thought about our needs and put them as His highest priority. For example, He spoke light into being, because light is essential to life. 

We can't create a physical environment with our words. However, because God made us in His image, the words we speak create an emotional environment. Hope is essential to emotional life--we speak of it as "the light at the end of the tunnel."

With the Holy Spirit’s power, we can use words that bring into being a place where people feel hope for the future.

I've been writing adult Sunday school curriculum from Jeremiah. The Kingdom of Judah had failed to trust God and do what He told them to do. King after king valued power and possessions more than a relationship with God. False prophets gave people false hope. Jeremiah had been thrown into prison because he warned King Zedekiah of what would happen and urged him to repent.

In tough love, God allowed the Babylonians to take over the land, and the Israelites to be taken captive into what is now Iraq. They would live in a pagan culture where those who believed in the true and living God would be tortured.

However, God gave the prophet Jeremiah words of hope to share with those who would listen.

God would be with them no matter where they lived. Faith in God would give them hope for the future. One day HE will rule with righteousness.

I haven't heard many words that inspire hope lately. It seems that negativity rules. Yet, the omnipresent God is still with us no matter what circumstances surround us. The omnipotent God has ultimate control. Our loving Father continues to love us and provide all we need. His Word still provides hope--not wishful thinking--confident anticipation for the future.

What words can we say that encourage faith and inspire hope? I'd love to read your suggestions and your comments on this blog.
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