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We live in Michigan where summer is a welcome treat. We’ve planted seeds in our organic garden, and we hope to harvest enough veggies to last through the next hard winter.

This beautiful apple tree came from a tiny seed. Last year, it provided so much fruit that we shared its sweetness with a lot of people. We made cider, pies, apple crisp, and even enough beautiful, pink applesauce to serve at our granddaughter’s wedding reception. We also gave bushels of apples to friends.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the seeds my words plant.

After I shared a devotional thought many years ago, a dear lady planted a seed in me. She said, “Your devotions should be in print.”

Now several publishers have printed over 600 of them.
I’ve had some prickle-weed seeds planted in me, too. My dad often told me, “You’re good for nothing.” This hurt, and the barbs stayed in my heart for years. His words could have discouraged me from stepping out toward any kind of success — if others hadn’t planted good seeds.

I’m vowing to plant some positive word seeds this week. Will people enjoy sweet fruit for years, because of something I say? I hope so.

I’m going to tell three people I appreciate what they do.
I’m going to compliment two people on their pleasant smiles.
I’m going to encourage a young person to pursue godly goals.

I’d love to hear about some positive word seeds people planted in your lives.
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